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Partners have no alternative to Normandy format – Kuleba

KYIV. Nov 26 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine’s partners have no specific, well-considered alternatives to the Normandy format, so emphasis is put on its revival, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"Currently, emphasis is put on the revival of the Normandy format. Actually, it does not matter to us what format that would be as long as it is efficient. Yet we understand that the format should envisage Russia’s presence at the negotiating table. Our partners do not have any specific, well-considered alternatives at this point, so I do not expect the possible, highly probable virtual meeting of Presidents Biden and Putin, if it actually takes place, to address any specific alternative format of negotiations," Kuleba said in the Pravo na Vladu (Right to Power) program of channel 1+1 on Thursday.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is working to make sure that Ukraine is strong, irrespective of Russian actions, he said.

"In fact, the Foreign Ministry is not reactive, it is proactive, and our goal is very simple: no matter what scenario the Russian leadership may be considering, Ukraine should be strong under any scenario, and it’s the role of diplomats to bolster our alliances, to make sure that our partners put pressure on Russia, and to help strengthen our army through military-technical cooperation," Kuleba said.