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NBU's assets grow by 3% in H1 2022

KYIV. Sept 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The assets of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in January-June 2022 increased by 3% compared to December 31, 2021 and amounted to UAH 1.417 trillion, according to the NBU’s interim reporting for the first half of the year.

According to its data, the volume of non-resident securities in assets in the reporting period increased by 39% in the same comparison because of the purchase of war bonds by the regulator due to the full-scale war.

At the same time, foreign exchange reserves decreased by 48% – to UAH 42.22 billion, in particular due to a decrease in the share of non-resident securities.

It is indicated that the NBU loan portfolio decreased by 9.7% – to 90.2 billion due to the simplification of banks’ access to refinancing. Half of the loans are debt on long-term loans, which decreased in volume by more than a quarter.

The NBU’s liabilities since the beginning of the year increased by 1.7% – up to UAH 1.18 trillion. In addition, over the past six months, the balances of banks’ funds increased by 40% – up to UAH 79.75 billion, in particular, due to a decrease in the volume of deposit certificates by 11% – to UAH 189.36 billion. At the same time, the obligations of the central bank to the IMF decreased by 8.3% – to UAH 135.9 billion due to the planned repayment of part of the debt to the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

The consolidated profit of the NBU for January-June 2022 amounted to UAH 69.7 billion, while last year a loss of UAH 12 billion was recorded. Profit for the second quarter amounted to UAH 14.38 billion, while for the same period last year, the loss amounted to UAH 2.9 billion.