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National Union of Ukrainian Architects joins Architects' Council of Europe

KYIV. May 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The National Union of Ukrainian Architects (NUUA) received the status of an observer member of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) during the ACE General Assembly in Brussels on April 29.

"The National Union of Ukrainian Architects is now part of our European network as a Member Observer. We believe that support for each other among architects in Europe is fundamental," according to the ACE Facebook page.

The ACE Executive Board has created a special working group European Architects for Ukraine. At the General Assembly, the chairperson of the Architects Association of Lithuania, Ruta Leitanaitė, presented a medium-term/long-term strategy aimed at effectively supporting Ukraine, Ukrainian architects, people and architecture today and tomorrow, when the time comes to rebuild the country.

"We see Ukraine’s accession to ACE as another step towards united Europe in our unstoppable movement along the path of democracy and universal values, recognition of the importance of Ukraine and its architectural community for Europe and an expression of your willingness to do business and work together," representative of Ukraine, NUUA Vice-President Olena Oliynyk is quoted in the message.

Oliynyk thanked the architectural community of Ukraine around the world for their help and noted that, given the scale of destruction and the humanitarian catastrophe, "we believe that this assistance should be structured in the future."

"The main principles of our cooperation with ACE should be seen as part of Ukraine’s move towards EU accession. It is important that assistance be provided in full compliance with EU policies and procedures. This will give more credibility to private investors. A separate agency or commission, independent but accountable to the multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental donors could be set up to coordinate aid and recovery programs," she said.