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MTIBU reduces payments from Victim Protection Fund by 9.9%, their number by 25.8% in 2022

KYIV. March 9 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) made 5,300 payments from the MTIBU Victim Protection Fund in 2022 for a total of UAH 250.9 million, which is 25.8% less than a year earlier, according to a press release from the bureau.

At the same time, it is specified that in connection with this, payments for damage caused by owners of unsecured vehicles also decreased – by 24.7% in terms of quantity and by 11.7% in amount. These payments have the largest share in the structure of payments from the Victim Protection Fund of the MTIBU. The number of payments amounted to 3,300, the total amount – UAH 161.8 million.

The share of payments for unsecured vehicles in the total number of payments was almost 61.7%, in the total amount of payments – 64.5%. Compared to the previous year, the share in terms of quantity increased by 0.8 percentage points, in terms of amount it decreased by 1.3 percentage points.

The number of payments made for drivers of preferential categories fell by 34.3% (900 units), the total amount of payments was UAH 43 million. The share of payments to beneficiaries is 17.3% in terms of number and 17.1% in terms of the amount of payments.

In 2022, the MTIBU paid out UAH 15.2 million on OSAGO obligations of insurance companies that ceased operations and were declared bankrupt, which is almost the same as the previous year.

For the obligations of companies that have ceased operations in the OSAGO market, but have not yet been declared bankrupt in the manner prescribed by law, payments were made by returning the basic guarantee fee of such insurers to the MTIBU fund in the amount of UAH 26 million.

The minimum payments remain for an accident involving an unidentified vehicle (in such cases they pay only for harm to life and health) – UAH 4.8 million, and for an accident caused by cars that were seized as a result of illegal actions – UAH 160,000.