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Moldovan Socialists' delegation fails to agree with Moscow on gas supplies at below market prices – source

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) – The Moldovan Socialists have failed to persuade the Russian side during meetings in Moscow to provide Chisinau with gas at below market prices.

A source who took part in the talks told Interfax that on October 25, deputy head of the Russian Presidential Executive Office Dmitry Kozak received a delegation of Moldovan Socialists at the request of the Moldovan Party of Socialists who asked for additional concessions and compromises on Russian gas supplies to Moldova.

"Referring to the inexperience and ‘youthfulness’ of the new Moldovan government, the Socialists asked Moscow not to allow the cessation of gas supplies in order to avoid an energy collapse and subsequent humanitarian catastrophe in Moldova. But they could not present any convincing argument in favor of non-market mechanisms of pricing Russian energy carriers for supplies to Moldova," the source said.

He recalled that Moscow had earlier formulated the conditions of a new long-term contract.

"The contract should be concluded only on the basis of European market gas prices, and the Russian side stands ready to give a discount of up to 25%, provided that the Moldovan side repays the accumulated debt for the gas already supplied, and not at once, but with a large installment," the source said.