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Ministry of Economy sets gasoline, diesel fuel price caps for early May

KYIV. May 6 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has announced the average cost of gasoline at UAH 31.19 per liter and diesel fuel at UAH 35.63 per liter, from which price caps of fuel at filling stations for the beginning of May are calculated.

According to the data on the website of the Ministry of Economy, taking into account the highest trade margins, the price cap for not premium gasoline for its sale through a network of filling stations shall not exceed UAH 37.69 per liter, for not premium diesel fuel – UAH 42.63 per liter.

Compared to the end of April, the average price for gasoline grew by UAH 1.64 per liter, and for diesel fuel by UAH 1.97 per liter, and the upper price rose by UAH 3.59 per liter and UAH 3.97 per liter.

As reported, Ukraine has extended the quarantine until May 31, 2022. For the period of its validity, the government, by resolution No. 474 issued on May 14, 2021, set the caps for the trade markup to the average price of diesel fuel of no more than UAH 7 per liter, and for gasoline of no more than UAH 5 per liter. From late February 2022, they were cut to UAH 5 per liter and UAH 4.55 per liter respectively.

As reported, the government of Ukraine for the period of the quarantine introduced state regulation of prices at filling stations, setting the maximum levels of the trade markup to the average selling price of fuel. The latest values: gasoline – no more than UAH 6.5 per liter, diesel fuel – no more than UAH 7 per liter.

The Cabinet of Ministers also allowed gas stations to set the price of branded premium fuel without restrictions, provided that they also sell fuel at state-regulated prices. Previously, retail prices for branded fuel could not exceed state-regulated retail prices by more than 5%.