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Minister of Culture and Information Policy, CoE Sec General sign new convention on co-production

KYIV. Nov 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko and Secretary General of the Council of Europe (CoE) Marija Pejcinovic-Buric in Strasbourg signed the updated Council of Europe Convention on co-production.

"It will allow Ukrainian filmmakers to continue co-production of films with European colleagues," Tkachenko wrote on the Telegram on Thursday.

The minister specified that the provisions of the Convention, developed at the time of its foundation in 1992, which were outdated for 30 years, have been implemented so far.

The updated Convention expands the scope of its application and opens up the possibility of accession by states that are not members of the Council of Europe. Also, the minimum (5% instead of 10%) and maximum (80% instead of 70%) share of participation of each co-producer is changed for a more flexible choice by producers, while providing the opportunity for national authorities to prohibit or restrict access to national schemes of state support for co-production if its share is less than 20% or limited only by financial contribution.

In bilateral joint production, the minimum share of participation is reduced to 10% (instead of 20%), and the maximum has increased to 90% (instead of 80%).

Changes are made to the scoring system for European elements in co-production, as well as special scoring systems for scoring categories such as art, animation and documentary projects.

In addition, the updated Convention provides for the granting of co-production status in two stages (preliminary recognition before filming and final recognition after filming), and also provides an opportunity to revise the text of the Convention. The function of monitoring and proposing the necessary technical changes will be performed by the Board of the Eurimages Found.

"The signing of the Convention is part of the development of cinema in Ukraine, at a level with the improvement of conditions for obtaining cash rebates for foreign companies filming in Ukraine, with the development of joint production within the framework of Eurimages and increased opportunities for the rise of the film industry in Ukraine," Tkachenko stressed.