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List of 'oligarchs' should be determined by commission of independent experts, instead of NSDC – Holos leader

KYIV. Sept 15 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Holos parliamentary faction has submitted a number of amendments to the presidential bill on de-oligarchization (No.5599), one of which concerns the replacement of the body, authorized to determine the list of "oligarchs" from the National Security and Defense Council to the commission of independent experts, leader of the Holos political party, MP Kira Rudyk reported.

"We did not support this bill at the first reading. We have submitted a large number of amendments and we will not support it in the form it is now. One of our proposals is to replace the body that determines who is an oligarch and who is not. Not the National Security and Defense Council, but a commission of independent experts, in particular, international experts. And in general, the biggest problem of the current government, except for the lack of strategy, is an attempt to do everything in ‘manual’ mode, as instructed ‘from above’ – ​​this is a completely wrong way," Rudyk is quoted as saying by the press service of the political force.

She said that the Ukrainian economy will not be able to recover as long as it is shackled by monopolies, but the so-called anti-oligarchic government bill will not solve this problem. According to Rudyk, it is only necessary to ensure the work of agencies whose competence includes counteracting the oligarchy, as it works all over the world.

The politician believes that Ukraine has all the tools for effective de-oligarchization – it lacks only political will. According to her, the Antimonopoly Committee should simply do its job, and it is also necessary to bring to a successful conclusion judicial reform and corporate governance reform and change tax legislation – all these steps are described in the anti-oligarchic package of the Holos.

No matter who is called an oligarch, no matter how much they are condemned, if the situation can be safely restored in corrupt courts – it is all in vain. It is also no secret that in addition to rent, oligarchs receive income from state-owned enterprises. These are the ‘feeders’ that have existed for a long time and feed specific people. Public corporate governance reform is a step that can close these ‘feeders’. Large companies should pay taxes, which they avoid now," Rudyk said.

On July 1, the Verkhovna Rada reportedly adopted a bill On the Prevention of Threats to National Security Related to the Excessive Influence of Persons with Significant Economic or Political Weight in Public Life (Oligarchs) (No.5599).

Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytro Razumkov believes that the list of persons with excessive influence and significant economic and political weight in public life (oligarchs) should be determined by a specially created commission at the National Agency for Corruption Prevention, not by the National Security and Defense Council, as proposed by the presidential bill on de-oligarchization.