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Kyiv working to provide 4G coverage throughout city

KYIV. Sept 24 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO) of Kyiv and Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Petro Olenich held a working meeting with representatives of the largest mobile network operators to improve 4G coverage in Kyiv, he said on his Facebook page on Friday.

"The city has the infrastructure necessary to establish base stations, lighting poles, road infrastructure and utilities. Having developed a mechanism for interaction and equal access for all operators, we will be able to provide high-quality 4G coverage throughout the city," Olenich wrote.

He said that Kyiv already has experience in the implementation of LoRaWAN wireless communication technology: the deployment of the urban core network and coverage of city districts, the introduction of 4G in the subway.

"Our global vision is the use of modern IoT technologies to effectively solve the city’s problems (control and monitoring of the state of the environment, transport, energy and housing and communal services, etc.). There are already the first successful implementation cases with city utilities, city departments and services," Olenich said.

In addition, the CDTO said that cooperation between city authorities and mobile network operators is the key to introducing modern communication technologies not only in Kyiv, but throughout Ukraine.