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Kremlin outraged by China's lack of support for Russian aggression against Ukraine – Kuleba in FT interview

KYIV. March 30 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said the Russian leadership is outraged by the lack of support for Russian aggression against Ukraine from China.

Speaking to Financial Times reporters, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy said at the moment, the Chinese leadership is still ‘testing the ground’ about whether it wants to fully participate in the peace process, which will put an end to a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to him, “Beijing has not yet decided whether to invest all its resources in mediating negotiations to end the war or to increase support for Moscow, including through the supply of weapons.”

At the same time, Kuleba said Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang had previously assured him that China would not supply weapons to Russia. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy said he made it clear to Chinese officials that “it is very inappropriate to try to put military support provided to Ukraine and military support provided to Russia on the same level.”

The minister said Ukraine is exercising its right to self-defense to protect its territorial integrity, therefore, countries that supply weapons to Ukraine help protect the UN Charter, while countries that supply weapons to Russia “will become accomplices in the crime of aggression and violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign country.”

“If the fundamental principle of Chinese foreign policy is respect for territorial integrity, then we do not see any rational explanation or argument why it is legitimate to provide weapons to Russia,” Kuleba said.

He expressed his conviction that China would not allow Russia to completely collapse, but Beijing is interested in weakening Russia, which will force Moscow to make concessions to the PRC in order to sell its resources.

Speaking about how China reacts to such an attitude in Russia, Kuleba said that, according to Ukrainian intelligence, the Kremlin is “outraged by the attitude of the Chinese to Russian aggression against Ukraine and the lack of support from China.”