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Konark Intelmed pharmaceutical company continues to support Kharkiv hospitals after relocation

KYIV. May 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Konark Intelmed pharmaceutical company (Kharkiv)/EUROLIFECARE PVT ltd. (India), a representative office in Kyiv, after relocation to Ternopil, resumes its activities and continues to support hospitals in Kharkiv.

The company told Interfax-Ukraine since the end of February it has donated more than UAH 21 million in humanitarian aid to Kharkiv hospitals.

In addition, Konark helps and supports its employees and their families.

"The main warehouse was moved to Ternopil, where they placed employees who left Kharkiv and other cities where hostilities were or are being conducted. Gradually, Konark resumes its activities, because it believes that this helps the Ukrainian economy to stand firm, and therefore bring closer the victory of Ukraine," the company stressed.

The company said that Konark converted its warehouse in Kharkiv into a humanitarian headquarters, which was damaged, but suitable for further use.

"The warehouse accommodates not only the preparations of Konark (EUROLIFECARE), but also other companies," the company said.

Among the drugs provided by the company as humanitarian aid, in particular, flu remedies (syrup, tea, tablets, antibiotics), painkillers and vitamins.

"These drugs were distributed in the last two months since the beginning of the war. They were distributed to all end users directly at the metro station where they lived, in various underground passages and bunkers, in nursing homes and orphanages, in various government offices, hospitals and clinics in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region," the company said.

Konark noted that after moving to Ternopil, the company is trying to provide all distributors with goods and plans to resume imports.

The gratitude to the company was expressed by Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov, the leadership of the regional center for palliative medicine Hospice, the public organization Volunteer League, City Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 17 of Kharkiv, and the Embassy of Ukraine in India.