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Invaders continue forced certification of residents of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – National Resistance Center

KYIV. Feb 16 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Russian occupiers continue to forcibly certify residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the Center for National Resistance reports.

“According to information received from the network of the resistance movement in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region, the enemy continues measures aimed at compulsory certification of the local population,” the message says.

It clarifies that, in particular, the following scheme is used in Zaliznyi Port to attract the population to obtain passports of the Russian Federation – first of all, lists of persons claiming to receive social benefits (pensions, benefits, unemployment benefits) are compiled, after which the specified category forcibly “receives red waste paper under threat of deprivation of payments.”

“A scheme of pressure on business is also applied – when licenses are canceled, permits and orders are revoked, or business activities are generally prohibited until business owners receive Russian passports,” the Center summed up.