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Instead of implementing reforms, govt slips into total hypocrisy – MP Rudyk

KYIV. Oct 12 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The mono-majority has all the tools to make the decisions necessary for the country, but members of the ruling team preferred the roles of executors of the President’s Office tasks rather than to be reformers, leader of the Holos party MP Kira Rudyk said.

"Implementation of real reforms? Transparent investigation of the case of the Wagner fighters? Fight against corruption? No. The priorities of the authorities today are far from the interests of the state. And this is clearly monitored in the steps and decisions that it declares. Bill No.5600, which raises taxes for small and medium-sized businesses. The government declares a fight against the oligarchs, but makes people of business, who earn with their work and create jobs, pay more," the press service of the Holos party quotes Rudyk.

The MP recalled that Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko frankly says that the budget will not receive a penny from the law on oligarchs, while due to bill No.5600, from UAH 20 to 30 billion will be "ripped off" from small and medium-sized businesses.

"Not from oligarchs, not from rent, not from additional payments. The level of hypocrisy here is striking, because the ‘servants’ say that they supposedly want to fight the oligarchs, and in the meantime they are taxing ordinary people," Rudyk says.

She also said that the law on the capital should become "a new round of the battle of the president’s team against the incumbent mayor."

The politician is convinced that in this case we are not talking about building an effective system of management in Kyiv, the revival of real self-government in the capital or the fight against corruption at the capital level, but only about the fact that "Vitali Klitschko is seen as a competitor of Volodymyr Zelensky in the next presidential election (at which, by the way, the president promised not to go) and everything must be done to get rid of the competitor."

"The worse thing here is not that the authorities want to neglect the choice of Kyiv residents for the sake of political expediency, but the fact that a fundamental and very necessary law on the capital is being written exclusively at the request of the President’s Office, and not in the interests of the city’s residents," the MP said.

At the same time, Rudyk called the 2022 state budget a budget for the authorities, not for Ukrainians, since now it contains "zero hryvnia to support entrepreneurs, scarce funds for energy conservation, insufficient funding for medicine and online education, although all this is an urgent need."

According to the Holos leader, the priority issues on which the Ukrainian parliament should focus are the fight against the pandemic, support for small and medium-sized businesses and the payment of subsidies, as well as the implementation of real judicial reform, forward-looking diplomacy and systemic support for the army.