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Increasing capacities for guaranteed gas supplies from Slovakia to Ukraine to enhance energy security of region – GTSOU

KYIV. Oct 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – An increase in capacities for guaranteed physical transportation of gas from Slovakia to Ukraine will enhance the energy security of the country and the region as a whole, Olha Bielkova, Director on Government and International Affairs of the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU), said.

"We welcome and support the position of the European Commission, voiced by its president Ursula von der Leyen, on the possibility of increasing reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from the EU, in particular, from Slovakia," she said in a commentary to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to her, expanding the possibility of transporting gas through the Slovak corridor to Ukraine will contribute to the integration of gas markets of countries and Europe as a whole.

"Slovakia is one of our key partners and we have a very wide range of potential opportunities. The Ukrainian-Slovak gas corridor is the main one for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe. Accordingly, we are interested in deepening the integration of the Ukrainian and Slovak markets, in particular, in increasing volumes of reverse gas supplies from Slovakia," Bielkova said.

The GTSOU director also said that strengthening the dialogue and making appropriate decisions will open up opportunities for cooperation in terms of decarbonization, recalling the memorandum signed between the operators of the gas transmission systems of Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany on the creation of a hydrogen pipeline through Central Europe.

"In the future, the pipeline will be able to transport hydrogen from promising regions of its production in Ukraine through Slovakia and the Czech Republic to areas of high demand in the EU. This corridor will also allow transporting hydrogen from production facilities to hydrogen consumers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia," she said.

"We are interested in using all the instruments that are promising in the European gas markets. GTSOU works closely with the European Commission and international partners to achieve a certain mutually beneficial result so that political agreements and declarations are transformed into real contracts," Bielkova said.

As reported, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, following the results of the 23rd Ukraine-EU summit in Kyiv, said that the European Commission is studying different scenarios for ensuring gas supplies to Ukraine.