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Ihnat: Strengthening of Ukrainian air defense system continues, although not as fast as we wish

KYIV. Feb 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command Yuriy Ihnat has said that the Ukrainian air defense system continues to be strengthened, although not as fast as wanted.

“The strengthening [of the air defense system] continues regardless of whether a sacred date is coming or not. We are getting stronger, the army is constantly supplied with new weapons. This is happening not as instantly as we would like to, because our partners take gradual steps to supply Ukraine with one or another weapons,” he said on the air of the national telethon on Wednesday, when asked whether the Ukrainian air defense system is being strengthened ahead of the “sacred dates”.

The levels of weapons, which the partners send to the Ukrainian army, constantly grows, he said.

“We can already see the air defense systems. Everyone is anticipating a decision on the transfer of aircraft. We have been waiting for it for a very long time and we badly need it,” Ihnat said.

New air defense systems will continue to be delivered to Ukraine, he said. In particular, the Italian prime minister said during her visit to Ukraine that her country would send the SAMP-T systems.

“In addition, our anti-aircraft gunners are receiving training and they are likely to return not with empty hands after the training,” the spokesman said.

“These systems will strengthen our sky against aerodynamic and ballistic targets. We are eager to see them in service for the Armed Forces,” he said.