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Health Ministry updates medical care standards for patients with COVID-19

KYIV. Sept 10 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has updated the standards of providing medical care to patients with COVID-19 in terms of testing and self-isolation.

According to the agency’s website on Thursday, the list of people who will undergo preliminary screening testing for antigen using rapid tests and/or ELISA has been expanded. Testing will be conducted by:

– healthcare professionals providing care to patients with COVID-19, other medical and pharmaceutical professionals;

– laboratory staff; pathoanatomical, forensic bureaus, departments involved in the autopsy, including sampling;

– patients in need of planned hospitalization who do not have signs of acute respiratory viral infections;

– social workers;

– employees of the National Police, the Presidential Security Service, the State Security Department and other persons who are in contact with the President;

– employees of the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection;

– conscripts, servicemen;

– employees of closed institutions;

– at the crossing of entry/exit checkpoints;

– during the investigation of the outbreak.

In addition, the doctor now has one day instead of three to inform the appropriate Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the outcome of treatment and/or termination of self-isolation of individuals with confirmed COVID-19.

Changes have also been made regarding contact persons. Contact persons who have received a full course of vaccination, as well as those who have undergone COVID-19 within the last six months (with documented confirmation), should now not isolate themselves in the absence of symptoms. If symptoms of COVID-19 appear, it is necessary to be tested for antigen and self-isolate until the result.

Contact persons who are in self-isolation, regardless of the presence of symptoms, should be tested on the fifth-seventh day after contact. You can stop self-isolation if you get a negative test result.