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Head of IMF mission informs ambassadors of G7 countries about Ukraine's progress in banking sector, Deposit Guarantee Fund

KYIV. Oct 12 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Head of the International Monetary Fund’s mission in Ukraine (IMF) Ivanna Vladkova Hollar has informed the ambassadors of the G7 countries in Ukraine about the progress in the country’s fulfillment of a number of conditions of the IMF Stand-By Arrangement (SBA).

"G7 Ambassadors discussed Ukraine’s progress with its IMF programme with Ivanna Vladkova, & were pleased to hear about Ukraine’s delivery against some conditions for its Stand-By Arrangement, including steps on banking & the Deposit Guarantee Fund," the UK Presidency of the G7 Ambassadors’ Support Group in Kyiv said on Twitter.

As noted, ambassadors "remain committed to help Флаг Украины implement the reforms that, alongside the IMF programme, will support Флаг Украины prosperity. These include completing comprehensive judicial reform, including the High Council of Justice, & corporate governance in line with OECD guidelines."