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Greco Group installs over 100 heat generators in Ukraine in 2022

KYIV. Jan 19 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ukrainian engineering company Greco Group (Vinnytsia) has installed more than 300 solid fuel heat generators in different regions of the country during its existence, including more than 100 orders completed over the past year.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the company has recently installed a thermal generator and a solid fuel boiler at the grain dryer of the Cygnet agricultural holding elevator in Koziatyn (Vinnytsia region). This made it possible to significantly reduce costs by switching from natural gas to fuel pellets.

"Greco Group equipment is environmentally friendly, energy saving, does not require additional equipment. Operating electric power – 3-5.5 kW, operating temperature – 45-150°C with automatic control. The design of heat generators uses double insulation of all external surfaces, and the units themselves are made of high quality materials according to the AISI standard," the company emphasized.

According to the company, the line of heat generators is represented by models with a capacity of up to 20 MW. They are suitable for almost all types of grain dryers used both in mobile grain dryers and in stationary models. In addition, the operation of such equipment does not require additional personnel.

Greco Group clarified that the company’s equipment can be purchased under the government’s program of 25% compensation for the cost of domestically produced equipment.

According to the Greco Group website, the company is engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic heat generators of Greco systems for various types of grain dryers with a capacity of 1.5 MW to 20 MW. As of 2019, the company has built and launched 104 facilities in different regions of Ukraine.

According to the unified state register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, the ultimate beneficiary of Greco Group LLC with a charter capital of UAH 20,000 is Ivan Korzhenko.