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Govt raises defense spending by UAH 3.7 bln in revised draft state budget for 2022

KYIV. Dec 1 (Interfax-Ukraine) – In the revised draft state budget for 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers increased spending on national security and defense by UAH 3.7 billion, providing for this purpose UAH 323.138 billion, or 6% of GDP, according to the version of bill No. 6000, finalized for the second reading.

"When finalizing the bill for the second reading, the general fund’s expenditures on national security and defense were increased by UAH 3.699 billion [including UAH 3.535 billion for wages with accruals]," according to an explanatory note published on the parliamentary website on Wednesday.

According to the updated version of the bill, spending on defense and security in the general fund will amount to UAH 254 billion, in the special fund – UAH 12.65 billion.

In particular, the support of the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was increased by almost UAH 2.5 billion.