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Govt approves procedure for formation of housing funds for IDPs

KYIV. May 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the procedure for the formation of housing funds intended for temporary residence, registration and provision of such housing to internally displaced persons (IDPs).

According to the government resolution of April 29, 2022 (No. 495), such a housing fund is formed by village, township, city councils or bodies authorized by them through the purchase of housing; construction of new facilities; reconstruction of existing houses and dormitories, as well as the conversion of non-residential premises into residential ones; transfer of housing to municipal or state ownership; overhaul of housing facilities, in particular, social facilities.

It is emphasized that only vacant living quarters can be included in the fund. Residential premises from the fund are not subject to privatization, exchange and division, their transfer to sublease, use for moving other persons into them.

The sources of financing for the formation of the fund may be the funds of the state, local budgets, international donors, voluntary contributions from individuals and legal entities, and other sources not prohibited by law.

In the case of using funds from international donors, the conditions for the formation of a housing fund, as well as the provision of such housing for internally displaced persons for temporary residence, can be determined by separate agreements with such international donors and other documents equated to them.

As reported, internally displaced persons are provided free of charge with housing from the fund at the place of actual residence/stay.

The need for residential premises from the fund is determined in the amount of at least 6 square meters per person.

Families with many children have the priority right to get housing from the fund; as well as families with children; pregnant women; persons who have lost their ability to work; persons of retirement age from among those whose housing was destroyed or uninhabitable as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.