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French Neo-Eco starts dismantling buildings in Hostomel, preparing to show rebuilding concept

KYIV. Jan 24 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The French company Neo-Eco, as part of a project to restore seven residential buildings in Hostomel, implemented thanks to the French government and other donors, is completing the preparation of a concept and has already begun dismantling one of the houses destroyed due to the Russian aggression, its regional business director Kyrylo Chernyshuk has told Interfax-Ukraine.

"We entrusted the dismantling of the house at 12, Proskurovska Street to a local construction company, Demontazhnyk, which was selected at a closed-door tender. We chose the company based on our technical requirements and, of course, its experience in the market, its material and technical base, qualified personnel, all permits, licenses, etc.," he said.

He also said that the preparation phase included the manual removal of foam elements for further thermal processing and the separation of slate containing asbestos.

"We have already handed over the slate containing asbestos to the Eco-Force company for disposal at a landfill that has the appropriate license for handling this type of hazardous waste," Chernyshuk said.

He added that the contract signed with the Demontazhnyk construction company provides for the demolition of residential buildings, selective sorting of waste and recycling of construction waste. The general contractor of this stage is Project-Engineering LLC, which developed the dismantling project and prepared all the necessary permits.

Works on the disposal of hazardous and harmless waste will be carried out by the DSL 2010 company, which activities are licensed and certified, and it also has in its arsenal modern powerful equipment for processing raw materials and qualified personnel.

As for the concept of the restoration project, it is planned to present its final version to the residents of Hostomel at the end of January.

The concept is being developed by two architectural companies with which Neo-Eco signed a cooperation agreement: the Nhood Ukraine LLC and the architectural company Blau (France).

"Even at the initial stages of the project development, we began to actively communicate with the residents of Hostomel and involve them in the common solution of important issues. The opinion of each resident, including those residents who are now abroad, is very important to us, because our main goal is to return these people are their homes," the top manager said.

Chernyshuk said that the concept takes into account all the suggestions and comments of the residents. "We meet in Hostomel from time to time, talk about the progress of the project, our next steps and immediate goals. Residents are willing to communicate and help us. From the latest, we discussed service and commercial needs in the area, as well as resolving issues regarding parking spaces," Chernyshuk said.

At the same time, he said that some of the legal issues of the project implementation have not yet been fully resolved. "Legal issues, in particular regarding the land plot, are in the area of responsibility and can be resolved at the level of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration," he said.

The French company Neo-Eco has been working to develop the circular economy for 17 years – the integration of already used materials. According to the same principle, the materials of the destroyed buildings in Hostomel will be used in the restoration of houses.