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EU set to de-SWIFT Sberbank, another 2 Russian banks as part of additional sanctions – European Commission president

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BRUSSELS. May 4 (Interfax) – The sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia will include disconnection of three Russian banks, including Sberbank, from the SWIFT international payment system, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

"We de-SWIFT Sberbank – by far Russia’s largest bank, and two other major banks," von der Leyen said in the European Parliament.

She added that the European Commission had proposed a ban on airing three major Russian state-run television channels in the EU.

"They will not be allowed to distribute their content anymore in the EU, in whatever shape or form, be it on cable, via satellite, on the internet or via smartphone apps," she said.

The EU is going to prohibit certain European specialists from providing services to Russian companies, von der Leyen said.

"Moreover, the Kremlin relies on accountants, consultants and spin-doctors from Europe. And this will now stop. We are banning those services from being provided to Russian companies," she said.

A number of servicemen will be placed under restrictions when the new package takes effect, von der Leyen said.