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ENTSO-E increases power export capacity from Ukraine to EU at night by 50 MW – Ukrenergo

KYIV. Sept 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) has increased the capacity for electricity export between Ukraine and Europe by 50 MW at night since September 23, NPC Ukrenergo reported on Wednesday.

"Now Ukrainian electricity producers can export a total of 300 MW to Romania and Slovakia around the clock. During the heating season, we will have the technical ability to receive the same assistance from the European power system, if necessary," the company said.

The next increase in throughput with Romania, Slovakia and Hungary will be discussed in October, and at the end of the year it is planned to resume operation of another interconnector with Poland.

At the same time, on September 20, Adviser to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Lana Zerkal criticized Hungary, which for political reasons hinders the possibility of expanding the export of Ukrainian electricity to the EU.

"The Hungarian power grid operator suddenly decided that they should carefully study the impact of expanding electricity exports from Ukraine to their market, and for this they need several months… This is a problem for Ukraine and for its neighbors who are counting on support," she wrote on Facebook.

"After we have synchronized with the EU, each additional megawatt is opened for us only on the basis of positive reports from two working groups. Today [September 20] is the day for considering reports and making another decision to increase Ukrainian exports, but despite the urgent the shortage in the European market, the Hungarians, under a far-fetched pretext, made it minimal and hung further expansion in the air. They are well aware that they create problems for Kyiv, Warsaw and Brussels," Zerkal added.