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Economy Ministry asks business associations to consider recommendations for retail chains to label goods of manufacturers from Russia

KYIV. March 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine asks business associations and public organizations to consider recommendations for retail chains on providing information about goods and companies producing and selling goods in the Russian Federation.

The corresponding letter of the Ministry of Economy was published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

According to it, a petition registered on the President’s website in December 2022 demanding mandatory labeling of goods from brands operating in Russia gained more than 30,000 signatures.

In turn, the government of Ukraine and other states take to restrict the aggressor country in the financial sector, investment and economic activities, including the termination of foreign business activities in the Russian Federation.

In the opinion of the ministry, the exit of foreign companies from the Russian market can be ensured through the restrictions of international legislation. At the same time, the regulation of the internal market requires a thorough assessment of risks during martial law associated with a shortage of goods, loss of jobs, outflow of investments, and a reduction in state budget receipts.

“Considering the foregoing, we ask you to consider recommending that retail chains and other trade enterprises inform consumers about the origin of goods and about the manufacturer’s company that sells and manufactures products on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the ministry said in the letter.