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Department of State considers idea of ​​sanctions against Nord Stream 2 being discussed in US Congress senseless – Nuland

WASHINGTON. Jan 12 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The idea of ​​additional sanctions against Nord Stream 2 being heard in the United States Congress does not make sense, U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has said on Tuesday.

“What we see in Congress cannot will have no impact on Nord Stream 2,” she said at a briefing at the Department of State.

Nuland said the administration’s goal is to slow down the pipeline’s launch.

“What we are doing now is working with the Germans, working with the EU to slow their consideration of implementation of the pipeline,” she said, adding that Berlin has taken significant steps to do that.

Earlier this week, U.S. media said that Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Senior Advisor for Global Energy Security Amos Hochstein are trying to convince Democratic lawmakers not to support sanctions against Nord Stream 2.