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Democratic senators intend to seek from Blinken strategy for further talks with Russia

WASHINGTON. Jan 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – A group of U.S. Democratic senators intends to seek from Head of the Department of State Antony Blinken a strategy for further negotiations with Russia.

“Not later than 30 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a strategy for continued engagement with the Government of the Russian Federation,” according to the bill, developed by several members of the Senate. The document, published on Wednesday, January 12 was reported to also provide for sanctions against Russia in case of its attack on Ukraine.

In particular, Blinken, if the bill is approved, will have to report whether Russia has de-escalated enough near Ukraine to “merit further discussion.”

He will also have to assess what Russia’s goals are with regard to security in Europe and present considerations on how to reduce tensions between Russia and the U.S. allies in Eastern Europe.