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Czech govt approves free transfer of 4,000 munitions to Ukraine – Defense Ministry

KYIV. Jan 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Czech government on Wednesday approved a decision proposed by Defense Minister Jana Cernoсhova to donate 4,006 152 mm artillery ammunition to Ukraine free of charge, according to the website of the Czech Ministry of Defense.

“We have long been cooperating with Ukraine and supporting its path to democracy. We have a wide range of opportunities at our disposal, from political and diplomatic support to concrete manifestations, such as the donation of ammunition, which I consider an important gesture of solidarity,” Cernoсhova said.

The transfer of ammunition worth about 36.6 million Czech crowns will be implemented through a donation agreement, which was part of the approved proposal. The purpose of the transfer is to strengthen defense capabilities of Ukraine, which sought help in response to the situation in which Russia is concentrating significant military potential at its borders.

The Ministry of Defense notes that the Czech army has a sufficient amount of 152-mm ammunition in stock, which is not compatible with the recently acquired 155-mm NATO guns, so they are unpromising for their armed forces. At the same time, the property law of the Czech Republic requires that gratuitous transfer be in the public interest. “This condition is met, as strengthening Ukraine’s defense is in the interests of the Czech Republic, as it will help reduce the risk of armed conflict in Eastern Europe,” the statement said.

January 26 exchange rate: $4.1 per 100 Czech crowns.