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Co-founder of Nova Poshta expects Supernova Airlines to start flights in 10-12 months

KYIV. Oct 8 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Supernova Airlines will make its first flight in 10-12 months due to regulatory restrictions, the co-founder of Nova Posta, Viacheslav Klymov, predicted during the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

"I think that within a year, due to rather complicated regulatory matters, within 10-12 months, we will make our first flight," Klymov said.

"We are one of the leading companies in Ukraine for delivery from abroad, and we are rapidly developing. Since the volumes are constantly growing, we began to think about the need to extend the chain of control of our logistics so that the delivery is of better quality, at the level of delivery in Ukraine. It is necessary to bring delivery from abroad to this level. We have successfully mastered ground delivery from Europe with our partners, but we had to think about air transportation," the co-founder of the company said.

As reported, the Nova Poshta group of companies is launching its own Supernova Airlines, it will deliver international cargo, it will have its own fleet and will be subordinate to the Nova Poshta Global company.

Flights will be operated from Boryspil and Lviv international airports.