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Chinese-based Chengxin Lithium claims lithium deposits in Ukraine

KYIV. Nov 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Shenzhen Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of energy materials for lithium batteries, has filed an application with the State Geological Survey on readiness to acquire special permits for the right to develop lithium deposits in Ukraine, the corresponding information is posted on the agency’s website.

According to, in a statement dated October 28, the Chinese company announced its interest in the development of the Dobry and Kruta Balka blocks, as well as the Shevchenkivske field.

There is no information in the register of applications in the columns "Type of subsoil use" and "Mineral Resources," but all three objects combine lithium ores as the main mineral, clarifies.

As reported, the struggle for obtaining special permits for production of lithium at the Shevchenkivske deposit and the Dobry site is being waged by Ukrainian-based Petro-Consulting LLC out of competition. It has recently negotiated possible joining Australian-based European Lithium (Perth), which is developing a mine in Austria and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. European Lithium in its submissions on this possible deal indicated that permits can be obtained through the courts, public auctions or production sharing agreements.

Shenzhen Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Ltd. carries out the production of energy materials for lithium batteries. The main products are lithium concentrate, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride and lithium metal. The company’s total assets at the end of the first half of 2021 were 4.9 billion yuan, and operating profit for 2020 was 1.8 billion yuan.