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CAA Agreement with EU to provide preconditions for lower prices for air travel, expand opportunities for travelers – UkSATSE head

KYIV. Oct 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Common Aviation Area Agreement (CAA) signed between Ukraine and the European Union and its member states will have a positive effect on the increase in the number of flights in the skies over Ukraine, Head of the National Air Navigation Services Provider UkSATSE Andriy Yarmak has said.

"This Agreement will unambiguously create conditions for the emergence of more destinations and airlines on the market, expand their choice and opportunities for passengers in planning travel to European cities. Increased competition among airlines will create preconditions for lower prices for air travel, and the European level of discipline of air carriers will provide an important advantage – the level of protection of the rights of air travelers will increase," he told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to Yarmak, for the airlines themselves, the removal of restrictions on the number of flights between the airports of Ukraine and the EU will create opportunities to operate flights to a greater number of European cities only by agreement with the relevant airports, limited purely by considerations of demand, and, consequently, the profitability of opening new destinations.

In addition, the need to apply European standards and rules in the field of air transportation in order to expand their presence in the European market will become an additional incentive for Ukrainian air carriers to develop and improve the quality of service, as well as to gain the loyalty of a larger number of customers.

According to the head of UkSATSE, all this will lead to the fact that the competition among carriers will become tougher.

"It should be noted that no changes are expected in the field of air traffic control, since Ukraine has been a member of EUROCONTROL since 2004, and the air navigation system of Ukraine is part of the European one," Yarmak said.

He said that UkSATSE applies European rules and regulations in all areas of its core activities, which is confirmed, in particular, by a certificate from the European Union Agency for Flight Safety (EASA) on the compliance of the provider and services with the EU standards.