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Bucha's executions in cold-blood are part of Kremlin's plan to eliminate Ukrainians – European Commission's President

KYIV. March 31 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The executions in cold-blood committed by the Russian military in Bucha were part of the Kremlin’s plan to eliminate Ukrainians, and war criminals will be held accountable, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said.

“What happened in Bucha was not a random episode. Those executions in cold-blood were part of a bigger plan. Cruel, cynical, calculated. The Kremlin wants to eliminate Ukraine. Its statehood, its independence and democracy. And the Kremlin wants to eliminate Ukrainians. Their sense of being. These are war crimes. And the Bucha massacres have been replicated,” she said in a video statement posted on Twitter on Friday.

The head of the European Commission assured of continued support for efforts to make sure that Russian President Vladimir Putin can be held accountable for the crime and aggression.

“To that end, we continue to support the creation of a dedicated tribunal, if that’s what it takes. We want justice for Ukraine and for Ukrainians,” she said.