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Avtomagistral-Pivden recommends creating oil refinery in Ukraine capable of meeting market demand for bitumen

KYIV. Sept 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Mykola Tymofeyev, Director General of the road-building company Avtomagistral-Pivden, considers it necessary for the authorities to pay attention to the creation of its own powerful oil refinery in the country, which could cover the needs of the road-building market in bitumen.

He noted that Ukraine’s own oil refining is extremely insufficient, the country depends on Belarus and European countries for the supply of bitumen.

"Last year, the deficit was very acute, and since autumn, together with our supplier partners, we initiated diversification of the logistics of bitumen supplies. Thanks to the supply of bitumen tankers by sea, we managed to eliminate the deficit. It was a joint project and it continued this year. But in the future, I would like the country’s top officials to take a closer look at this issue. We have more than one year to rebuild the country, why should we depend on imports? Isn’t it time to think about creating our own powerful and modern oil refinery, which could cover the needs of our market? Otherwise, we will be hostages of geopolitical risks," he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

In addition, Tymofeyev said that during the pandemic, in addition to bitumen, a question arose with the supply of additives to asphalt concrete mixtures.

However, according to him, "there is also a downside to the problem."

"To some extent, each crisis, each new challenge make us and the entire market stronger. Our machine builders have begun to produce truly modern equipment for the road industry. Three years ago there was a shortage of mineral powder, but today the capacities have been increased, and we are not experiencing this shortage. There was a shortage of wagons – we invested in our large wagon fleet, which supported domestic wagon builders. There was a shortage of personnel – salaries were increased and a large number of classy specialists from Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, who now work here, were returned. At the same time, we have increased the support programs for professional educational institutions," the general director said.

He stated that "the industry has grown very strong over the past two years."