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Astarta completes processing raw cane, produces 73,400 tonnes of sugar in total

KYIV. Sept 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Astarta, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, has completely processed raw cane sugar imported from early May at Yaresky sugar refinery (the village of Yaresky, Poltava region), a total of 73,400 tonnes of sugar were produced from it, the company said in a press release on Monday.

"The company’s decision to import and process raw cane sugar was deliberate and, as time shows, correct. Thanks to the creation of a reserve volume of sugar, Astarta managed to prevent its shortage during peak periods and ensure uninterrupted supply of sufficient quantities to our consumers and buyers until sugar from the new harvest arrives," executive director of the agricultural holding Valeriy Sokolenko said.

He specified that raw sugar processing this season allowed Astarta to stabilize the situation on the sugar market in Ukraine, as well as to additionally load its production facilities and create additional jobs.

The company clarified that the produced sugar meets European quality standards, and the entire batch of 73,400 tonnes has already been contracted by buyers.

Astarta said that it is already digging up sugar beets, the total harvest area of this crop will be 33,400 hectares, its condition is assessed as good.

"Astarta sugar factories will begin work on September 15. In total, five sugar factories are planned to operate in the production season of 2021. The first to receive products for processing is Zhdanivka sugar refinery. In the third decade of September, Narkevychi and Yaresky sugar refineries will be launched, and in early October – Novoorzhytske and Hlobyne sugar refineries," the company said.

Ukraine, in accordance with the obligations undertaken to the World Trade Organization (WTO), in 2009 introduced a quota for the preferential imports to the country of 263,900 tonnes of raw cane sugar, the amount of which is revised annually. For 2021, it is 260,000 tonnes.

Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding operating in eight regions of Ukraine. It includes eight sugar factories, agricultural enterprises with a land bank of 220,000 hectares and dairy farms with 22,000 animals, seven elevators, a biogas complex and a soybean processing plant in Poltava region (Globino Processing Plant LLC).