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Allseeds CEO proposes abolishing quotas for terminals in grain initiative

KYIV. March 6 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Viacheslav Petrysche, CEO of Allseeds, a major Ukrainian producer and exporter of vegetable oils, meals and stevedore, proposes to abolish quotas for port terminals in the grain initiative, allowing grain sellers to choose their own terminals.

“Cancel these quotas. Not a single quota in the history of our country has ever led to something good. Only to corruption. It is enough to disgrace our country all over the world with this phenomenon,” Petrysche wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, for the past seven months, the grain corridor has been working on the principle of “port customs,” as is customary throughout the world, that is, ships have been inspected in Istanbul on the principle of whoever comes first, he is the first to pass the commission.

According to Petrysche, the idea of quotas was lobbied by “many opportunists” who, having not made the necessary investments, having no certificates of appropriate storage conditions and no market demand for their services from agricultural holdings, began to call themselves “terminals.” As a result of the quotas, the CEO of Allseeds explained, “pseudo-terminals” can count on ships that would otherwise not use them.

“For example, eight ships have been queuing in the Bosphorus for loading oil for a month, and some even two, at the Allseeds Black Sea terminal in the Pivdenny port. Clients will suffer enormous losses. But they cannot enter. Quotas do not allow,” Petrysche added.

At the same time, according to him, the terminal of Allseeds neighbors, who never worked with food products, “cleaned” a couple of barrels of oil products, and received the same quota as the others.

“And the trading of quotas has started. Now such terminals can call decent money for their services, because the client is ready to pay in order not to stand in the Bosphorus. Or they can do nothing, just give up their quota to someone for a ‘small share,'” Petrysche said.