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All Ukraine's regional clinical hospitals plan to provide helipads in coming years

KYIV. Sept 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Within the framework of the presidential program Big Construction, all regional clinical hospitals of Ukraine in 2022-2023 will be equipped with sites for helicopters, which will contribute to the development of aeromedical evacuation, said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

"There is a ‘golden hour’ rule in emergency medicine. This is exactly the period of time, after an injury or other emergency condition, when there is the best chance to save a patient from death," he wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

Therefore, Liashko noted, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police and the State Emergency Service, launched an experimental project of aeromedical evacuation. Within the framework of this project, the dispatcher of centers of emergency medical care can initiate the issue of aeromedical evacuation of patients with emergency conditions, the head of the Ministry of Health explained.

"Within the framework of the program of the President of Ukraine ‘Big Construction’ for 2022-2023, in order to improve the material and technical base of healthcare institutions, we provide for the construction of helipads in every regional clinical hospital in every region of our country," Liashko wrote.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that 33 hospitals and 260 rural dispensaries have already been created as part of the Big Construction. It is planned to renovate and build another 30 medical institutions, 340 rural outpatient clinics and 200 admission departments by the end of this year.