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AFU destroys a plane, three helicopters and five UAVs in 24 hours – General Staff

KYIV. Jan 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed nine air targets of the occupiers during the day, the aircraft launched 11 strikes at the places of accumulation of manpower and enemy air defense systems, the General Staff has reported.

"Our defenders destroyed the SU-25, three Russian KA-52 attack helicopters, three Orlan–type UAVs, one Merlin-type UAV and one Lancet-type UAV," a message posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning says.

It is also noted that the Aviation of the Defense Forces over the past day inflicted eight strikes on the enemy’s concentration areas, as well as three strikes on the positions of its anti-aircraft missile systems.

Gunners and rocket launchers hit the enemy’s control point and nine areas of concentration of the occupiers.